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The Summer with Shooting Stars – Rights


    It’s summertime. Sparky the bunny is not particularly high-spirited, as her friend Fia is away on vacation while back at her home they’re expecting a baby, and Sparky already feels that everything is revolving around it. What’s to come?! Then, one night, that sky is flashed by shooting stars, and mum Jora sends Sparky to Frido the stargazer. But it’s not only shooting stars that are falling from the sky – a cat, in fact a poet cat!, suddenly bumps in front of Sparky. All at once her summer becomes fun and full of adventure. Cvetka Bevc is a writer with a keen understanding of the youngest, and a subtle sense of children’s distress and fears. Her storytelling is not only witty but it also inspires zest for learning, courage, and love of life, as well as a desire for starting up true friendships, and forgiveness of little mistakes that are easily made when growing up; it deepens sensibility and calls for a taste for adventure.

    Cvetka Bevc makes up a whole range of animals who come to life in images created by Malgosia Zając. Her warm tale of a bunny who is very quickly growing up while discovering the beautiful world of true friendship and first love, is perfect for first independent readings!

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