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The Roly Poly Baker – Rights


    About the book:

    The Roly Poly Baker is a deliciously playfully picture book that presents two different world views; that of an enthusiast and that of a dreamer, and delivers the important message that different personal views on the world are equally important, but they enrich us the most when they fuse and lead us to understanding. Peter Svetina takes us once again on an entertaining walk along the margins of the real and the nonsensical, and his text is enriched by the visual humour of the excellent illustrations by the award-winning Slovene illustrator, Peter Škerl.

    The cuddly baker Margot works in the bakery on the main railway station, baking fresh, delicious doughnuts. But Margot has a secret. A very unusual secret. Sometimes she climbs into a doughnut, and then… Oh, look, there comes Frederick Breadbun, the famous painter. He is walking straight towards the bakery. He’s hungry because he is drawing the world on a giant lantern, so he helps himself to the nearest doughnut, takes a coin out of his pocket and puts it on the counter. Humph! How heavy this doughnut is! Well, we already know that he took the doughnut into which Margot had climbed to lick the marmalade, right? Now what? Now adventures ensue, which will blow the whole world. But no worries, because the whole world is apricot marmalade.

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