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A Correspondent From Havana – Rights


    A Correspondent from Havana leads us behind the scenes of bloody dictatorships, political machinations, untruths and half-truths, and censorship, as well as doubts and dilemmas the author faced in his career as a journalist. It talks about friendships forged among journalists and describes vividly such exceptional events as a meeting with Gregorio Fuentes, Hemingway’s boatman and the “old man” in his novel The Old Man and the Sea, a conversation with president Giulio Andreotti and taking part in the working breakfasts of Opus Dei. Tone Hočevar is a born storyteller, who draws the reader into the heart of stormy events when history was in the making. The book A Correspondent from Havana, which traces his professional path, reads like an exceptionally tense narrative, revealing what went on behind the scenes on the political world stage over the past five decades …

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