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The Sorcere’s Apprentice – Rights


    Is this a novel? Yes. Is it an adventure story? Definitely. Is it a love story? No, it’s a story about a complicated yet dangerously beautiful friendship. Is it a philosophical novel? Yes, but it’s accessible even to the average reader. Is it suspenseful? It is a page turner! Is it a book dealing with spirituality? Definitely, but not in the usual way. Is it Paolo Coelho? Far from it. Is it a serious novel? Very much so. Is it a work of art? Most critics claim that it is. Is it a work of imagination or a report of real events? Both. Is it a book about the meaning of life? Most readers say that it is. Is it the sort of book that readers keep on their bedside table? Most of them do, for a number of years. Is it the book that tries to answer the question “Who amI?” Yes, but with surprising results. How popular is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice? In Slovenia, a Central-European country of two million people where the novel was first published, the sales of ten editions have reached more than 85.000 copies. In terms of population and prospective readers, that would mean over 11 million copies in the USA, 2 million in the UK, 2 million in France, 2 million in Italy, 3 million in Germany, 4,4 million in Russia, 10 million in the Spanish speaking world, 40 million in India, and over 50 million copies in China! Worth reading? See for yourself.

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