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Something in the Air – Rights


    First, Brie makes a paper daddy so that her true dad can go off to Vienna on business while the paper dad can accompany her on a school trip. Then some other Brie takes her grandpa on a trip to Prague where, ages ago, he’d forgotten the phone number of an utterly charming colleague of his, Fiona. Prompted by sparrows, Carbonneau the merman starts a journey, too, coming right to America. Meanwhile the duck – the one with the eyes of a super falcon – is flying towards where we’re living – but what’s to be done when there are so many stories in the air, which need to be brought neatly to the ground. The book Something in the Air presents us with adventures full of warm humour, droll characters, and sparkling imagination typical of Peter Svetina while once again being different, fresh, and innovative.

    The stories making up Something in the Air speak of warmth and mutual affection, encouraging us to make contacts and to maintain relations – it’s worth to make effort for family and friends. Meanwhile, the adventure called life just happens. The fact that the stories are laid out to us in linguistically agile sentences with particular heroes speaking in a style recognisable from afar is why teenage and adult readers will also enjoy reading them.

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