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Look Through the Window – Rights


    On his fifteenth birthday, a boy receives a shocking present from his parents, who don’t realise that he will see their act as a crime that will radically change his view of reality. Already mildly autistic from a blow to his head, he decides to drown in a nearby river which forms a border between Croatia and Slovenia, and is a popular crossing point for migrants. In the nick of tirne, he is saved by a Syrian refugee a few years his senior. Gratefully, he joins him in an adventurous joumey across Europe all the way to London, where he discovers that nothing is what it seems. Along the way, the boy and his travel companion try to overcome their cultural and religious differences and align their ideas about friendship, liberty and equality.

    A multi-layered crossover novel touching upon many burning social issues. It is also a deeply moving story about two unusual friendships. By using an economical, clear style, the author conveys profound messages concerning the present state of the world. Look Through the Window is a touching story about friendship between a human and an animal, a boy and his pig, as well as a story about friendship between a Christian boy and a Syrian Muslim migrant.

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